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Buy and Download active Abuja mobile phone and GSM number database list for marketing to targeted audience.  

Are you a business man/woman, do you own a company, a shop, a church or non governmental organization, do you have a product or service to promote, do you want to reach out to more people, everyone or a number of persons in a particular region, city, or state in Nigeria? Then this is for you!

We have a comprehensive database of valid and active Abuja Phone Numbers sorted and classified into LGA by LGA. Our GSM Numbers database was recently obtained and it has a very high percent of active (ie ringing) numbers. Our list makes it easier for your targeted location-based campaigns, advertisements and mobile marketing activities in a cost effective way. We can also assist you in sending Bulk SMS to your targeted Nigerian audience.

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The phone numbers database we offer are sourced from different legitimate sources such INEC, online directories, seminars, etc and are frequently updated, usually, every year. If you are looking for Nigerian GSM numbers for outright purchase by State or Local Government Area (LGA), then this is for you. We have over 80 million VERIFIED Nigeria GSM Phone number database arranged in States and LGAs. This database also includes; First name, last name, phone number and sex.

Our Pricing:

We offer a very affordable and flexible. Though the mobile gsm database was obtained through a painstaking and expensive process, we have decided to offer it at a giveaway price. We can sell the entire Mobile Numbers database at a token or one may decide to order up the entire GSM database for a particular state. We also sell in smaller bits. We sell to suit your needs and choice.

  • Per L.G.A. => N1000
  • Per State    => N5000
  • 36 States    => N30,000

Ways You Can Make Use of the GSM Numbers

Mobile Marketing – You can use the GSM numbers to market your products and services and events. You can target any state you want and get response. This is an effective marketing strategy.
Rent – You can rent the numbers to companies, private schools, social organizations etc for their publicities and campaigns.
Make Money Reselling – You can resell these numbers to churches, politicians, and businesses etc for location based marketing service and keep 100% profit..
Religious Renting – You can rent the numbers to Churches to publicize their events and programmes in their localities.
Bulk SMS service – You can use it for your Personal or business bulk SMS campaign and make money from it
Short Code Marketing Business – You can also set up a short code business campaign for yourself or for any business and make money from it.

So, What are you waiting for?! Buy your below!!!




You can pay into the following Bank account...

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After making payment, make sure you send your payment details through sms to   

The payment details you are to send are :
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                             3. Teller No.(N/A for online transfer)
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