Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Creating A Jumia Store - Easy-to-follow steps

As a new seller, you undergo a 3-step process before you can start selling. You complete registration, undergo training, then list your products ready to start selling.


To sell on Jumia, you have to register as a vendor, a process that takes around 5 minutes. Visit the Jumia website and scroll down to the bottom of the page. On the bottom left corner, click on “Sell on Jumia.”


You’ll be taken to the page below. Click on “Start selling now.”

start selling on jumia.png

You’ll be taken to the registration form where you’ll fill in details regarding your company information and your products before accepting Jumia’s Terms & conditions.

The “COMPANY INFORMATION” section requires details on:

● Company Location, e.g. Nigeria, Ghana, etc.
● Your First & Last Name
● Mobile Phone Number
● Email (Used for verification and email activation)
● Preferred Jumia Store Name
● Business Entity (Individual or registered company)
● Address
● City
● Postal Code
● Whether or not you agree to let Jumia stock your product

On “PRODUCT INFORMATION” section, the following fields are required:

● Main Product Category, e.g. Automobiles, Electronics, etc. Here, Jumia provides a link to the commission structure of each product category.
● Whether or not you’re selling on other websites
● The number of products you plan to list on Jumia

Once done, agree to the terms and conditions by ticking on the box, then on “Register Now.”

register now jumia.png

Click on the link send to your email. You’ll be directed to the Jumia “Seller Center” where you’ll set up the password to your account. Once done, you need to confirm your store. Here, you’ll fill in details on:

● Personal Information
● Business Information
● Bank Account

Training Session

The email sent to you comes with a link to the “Vendor Hub” page. Go back to click on it and complete on it to complete the training session. The training is done online or offline. Jumia provides a link to YouTube video for online training. Plus, you’ll get more tutorials on your “Vendor Hub” page. You’ll have to make a booking for offline training done every weekday.

seller center jumia.png

You can access the same on the Seller Center platform by clicking on “Get Started Here” as shown above.

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